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Hey everybody this is Chris addict with the veterans law blog and coming to you with a special update that's going to be important to any veterans of the Vietnam era blue water Navy veterans I'm going to give you the headline on this and then I'm going to urge a little bit of caution on it it is huge news but it is still the law and the law moves slowly so we have to wait for a few things to trickle out but here's the deal bottom line a few weeks ago we talked about the case of Procopio V Wilkie which was a case that had gone to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in DC and they were looking to question whether or not the presumption against Agent Orange exposure for blue water Navy events should be overruled and as you know ten years ago or so in the hostas aj has tossed the Nicholson I believe the Federal Circuit I'm bank full court said nope or not could extend this presumption to blue water Navy beds well that was retoday so the order came out from the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit extending the presumption of Agent Orange exposure to all blue water Navy veterans so that's that's huge for a lot of veterans out there so first of all I'm going to talk about some limits on that in just a minute because this is a big thing I don't want anybody to come out and do anything rash in terms of their claims of their Appeals there's still some time that things are gonna trickle out but please let other veterans know about this decision so that they can start looking into it but here's the thing first of all congratulations to John Wells at the blue water Navy vet's Association he was the attorney that brought the Procopio case up literally from the board all the way up to the Federal Circuit so this has been a work in progress for many years for him so congratulations to John Wells congratulations to all of the attorneys particularly Melanie v Bostwick who argued this case that the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit a phenomenal phenomenal job of oral argument is probably one of the textbook examples for law students out there seeking to do oral argument take a look at this case but that's the big news is that blue water Navy veterans now are entitled to the presumption of exposure to Agent Orange so they are no longer barred from that so now there's a couple limitations on that I want to tell you about the first one the very first limitation is that the government has the right to appeal this to the US Supreme Court and there's a good chance that they will they generally have 90 days to file what's called a petition for writ of certiorari or.


My XAT score is 29 (VA-13, DM- 10, QUANT- 6) . Which colleges can I get?
My XAT score is 29 (VA-13, DM- 10, QUANT- 6) . Which colleges can I get?nFor the CAT'17, if I have attempted 29 questions in VA, 19 in DILR, and 9 in QA with 75% accuracy, what score and percentile can I expect?nWhat day will I receive my TANF in VA if I received my first check on March 29?nHow can we bolster the economies of VA areas not served by the few major transportation arteries (I-95, I-64, Rte 29 and I-81)?nWhat are some of the good colleges for a male general production engineer after getting 96.5% in the CAT VA (97.8), DI(94), QA(90), TCS exp-29 months, not considering MDI as I have not filled the form X-89.8, XII 86.8, and grad 7.6?nI have no idea what I'm talking about.. but sometimes I can even convince myself that I know a thing or two.nThe U.S. government has technically been at war since August 2, 1990, the beginning of the Gulf War, which (according to the VA) has never been officially ended. What do you think about the fact that the U.S. has been at war for 29 years?nChicks Beach, VA Beach VA. 3/29/20n
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