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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing va claim form for disability

Instructions and Help about va claim form for disability

Hey everybody this is a Chris addict with the veterans law blog and I am here today I told you guys we'd have a special guest while I'm up at the naval conference I've got with me Matt hill of the law firm hill and Ponton he is what I call the PTSD guru it's to Konya chris he's uh he knows a lot about it we call him a lot when we have questions about PTSD I'm bringing him on here I want him to talk to you guys about some of the things that he's seeing in PTSD cases he's got a lot of experience in this area so his firm's been at this for you know they do disability law and his firm has been at this for what 30 years 30 years disability law started doing VA work back when the Veterans Court came on board back in the early 90s 92 91 okay and you guys have won over 250 million dollars in benefits for your clients over the years we've been fortunate to ya have a good winning streak yep and it's his firm knows PTSD if you guys for those of you guys who are Vietnam era vets out there too you may have heard of the gray case and the gray case involves the Danang open water port in that size his firm is responsible for bringing that case out to see the light of day as it were but in any event let's talk a little bit about PTSD so you guys have carved out a niche you do a lot of PTSD work we do why PTSD how did you get into it well I mean with PTSD is it it's a type of claim we see the VA making errors again and again and again on they just can't seem to get it right either when they're actually supposed to be service connecting it or when they're giving the proper rating so it's you know there was a learning curve for some beginning because there's so much medical words nomenclature you know the GAF scores the the other technical terms they have and I think that's kind of a big problem as the VA can hide behind a lot of technical terms and a veteran gets confused and then misses the compensation that you get how many attorneys do you guys have with you working on these cases I think we've got 12 attorneys now we've grown quite a bit and you guys don't limit yourselves I mean you work with vets around the country from Florida to California right yeah we do all kinds of cases we do specialize in PTSD and and you know the airs we would see in Florida are frankly the same airs that we'd see in Washington State they they are pretty uniform in their problems are your are your outcomes in terms of process the same and they make the same.