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How can the Department of Veterans Affairs be changed to be more helpful to military veterans?
Wish for a quick death.Whoever can really answer this will be an American hero.I am for the most part dependent upon the VA for my healthcare. I do have Tricare, but the deductibles for some of my service-connected aliments are steep - and should be picked up by the VA.Veterans• Choice was supposed to give veterans the opportunity to seek out local medical care when the vet couldn’t get to see a doctor in a timely fashion.It was so horrible it changed its name to Care in the Community and the wait time is now 30 to 50% longer - and in my area, no one wants to work with the VA, they are slow to pay and their bureaucracy and instructions are unfathomable. A letter to me and my doctor did not contain things like how to get prescription medications, referral for PT, referral for a consult, labs, and more. Most of this will take months to suss out.The nearest VA hospital for me is over 200 miles and the Great Divide. Winter weather is challenging. It is May now and I have been waiting since November to get an authorization to see a physical therapist.The current buzz is that Congress wants to keep the hospitals funded and therefore is somewhat reluctant to fund private medical referrals. But at the same time, Congress isn’t doing enough to fund the VA system to ensure that healthcare is even marginally adequate for America’s veterans.It would likely be cheaper to pay for a Midas Healthcare Plan for every eligible veteran - 100% coverage, no deductibles, zero copays, everything covered, no cost to the veteran, etc. It would likely be cheaper than what the VA is costing now.
When did the US Department of Veterans Affairs go from insuring only service-related injuries among veterans to insuring all veterans for everything?
Im a Nam vet 1969 - 1970 with 2 purple hearts, currently in good health and have used the VA Healthcare system for about 10 years now. Prior to that I was like everyone else (scared to use the VA, heard a lot of bad stuff). Well, what a mistake that was. For the last 10 years I have been getting the BEST medical care I have ever witnessed. When I arrive for an appointment I swipe my card get acknowledgement from KIOSK for my appointment then have a seat and within 5-10 minutes my name is called. Of course this is for vitals only and not the appointment. So you give your vitals and then go back to your chair, open the magazine and you don't even get through the 2nd page and boom my name is called again. I typically arrive for an appointment and have very short wait times for action to start on the appointment AND I am usually done with the appointment and back home is such a short period of time that my wife claims that is impossible. Now, I do believe that my delight with the medical care from the VA  has everything to do with my purple heart classification. But I do want to speak out in favor of the VA medical System as far as how they handle their Purple Heart recipients. They treat me for everything, charge me absolutely nothing and thank me for my service on the way out the door. I couldn't be happier.
How many employees in the US Department of Veterans Affairs are veterans?
I worked there for 6 years and think the numbers where in the high 20%'s  to low 30%'s. In my opinion they made the best employees even with any disabilities they may have had. Always showed up to work (call-in in a medical setting are ridiculous), got the whole federal bureaucratic thing and took it with a grain of salt and interacted with vets the best in both situations of helping and hindering them when needed.  I say hinder because there are some knuckleheads that try to take advantage of the  system and need some military-like reminders to not be an idiot.
What can the US Department of Veterans Affairs do better to help veterans with mental health issues?
They can start by hiring sufficient clinical staff.…Yeah. That’s really my whole Christmas List.I feel greedy asking for more. It’s almost absurd to do so. I have been at 5 VA Hospitals and none of them had even half the mental health staff they needed at any given time.I’d take accepting Medical Marijuana too. Not treating my pain control as an addiction due to federal law. I’m not asking for free weed. Just don’t punish me for getting non-intoxicating CBD with my own money.Recognizing that PTSD exists outside combat and sexual abuse would be nice, but I don’t want to cut the line ahead of those two categories. I agree that they should be treated first. I just think the rest of us should also be treated.I also have a radical idea. Veterans should have the option of a Companion. A non-medical person who understands the VA culture and resources. There would be a pool of Companions who could escort veterans as they navigate the system. It is confusing and people, particularly people with mental health issues, fall through the cracks.I think Companions could be paid minimum wage or a stipend and really not overseen. It could be a fairly informal position that disabled vets or retirees could do when their own disabilities didn’t interfere.
How is the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health system regarded in the medical community, particularly with respect to quality of care?
This is a very complicated question because the VA is not a homogenous organization. I have worked in 3 VAs in 2 states and they are quite different:In general, I think the care at our academic VA was good because it was staffed by residents and professors who worked outside of the VA as well. The patients certainly had to wait and the VA staff (not the doctors) are notorious about working exactly 8 hours per day, and "working" needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Also the staff members who everyone else knew were useless could not be fired because the union would defend them at all costs. We did have a problem with things that were slightly out of the ordinary not being covered by the VA but luckily for our veterans the university hospital was the county hospital so they took care of emergencies. But the veterans always got their medicines and their surgeries. They had to wait but not as long as my uncle is waiting in Canada. At one point there was an 8 month wait to get cataract surgery, and an 18 month wait to get non-urgent oculoplastic surgery. We got that down to less than 1 month which is comparable to private practice in the area. I heard since I left the administration has really gone downhill and an optometrist is now in charge of the ophthalmology department. This is negatively affecting care. The outside VAs and VA clinics that would refer us patients really could not handle much in terms of urgent care or complex care. The doctors usually only worked at the VA and there were no residents. This in my opinion led to substandard care. We would routinely get patients from smaller VAs or satellite clinics that were grossly mismanaged. So it depends on the specific VA you are talking about. And the specific department. But yes the system is grossly overloaded. There is not enough staff, they don't work as hard as people in private practice. But all of my patients received excellent care. The problem in the news about wait times killing people, I could definitely see that happening. I have no idea how people ended up in my clinic but very few people had mild disease. They almost always had severe pathology, which means that somewhere along the way, they were not seen soon enough. The problem is that it takes an act of congress to get anything done to change the system (literally). If I were in charge I would evaluate every VA and if necessary close and restaff every single one. I would replace the antiquated electronic medical record system they have with one that can communicate with the rest of the  VAs across the country. I would hire many more staff and increase the number of skilled nursing facilities.
How do you get an internship at the Department of Veterans Affairs?
It’s relatively simple if you have the patience to sit through the entire vetting process.You first have to find a VA hospital that’s in dire need of interns (shouldn’t be hard right now), and fill out an application with your information including social security number, phone number, address, and what actual area you want to intern in.Then, you must schedule an appointment with the volunteer supervisor by calling the facility directly.You’ll come in, have your fingerprints taken, get put into the system, and get your blood drawn to be tested for any diseases (TB, HIV, AIDS, etc.)If you’re interning in the domiciliary units or volunteering in the nursing homes, you just need to get a flash badge from your system’s VA HR facility.However, if you need network access, like me, you need to wait a week in order to get your network access order processed, get vetted again and then get your badge. After that, you need to complete around 6 hours of privacy training to even touch a VA computer. It took me around 2 months to land the position.The wait’s all worth it, the staff are immensely grateful for your volunteer efforts and contribution.Enjoy!
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